At Ilion, we make jewellery to carry your personal stories. Pieces that hold on to your memories for the next generation. All of our pieces are Melbourne made using a small team of local artisans, who have spent years perfecting their craft to ensure each piece is made to be worn and made to last.

The process begins in our Melbourne studio over a cuppa and a conversation. We want to hear your story. From that moment your heart skipped that solitary beat and began beating in unison with another, to how you came to where you are now, on the brink of celebration. We draw, sketch and doodle, while taking notes, talking materials and gemstones (if you want them). Then we have another cup of tea. Our aim is to create something that paints a picture of your celebration, love story or connection.

Once we narrow your brief, the sketching becomes more detailed. We draw the piece to scale, finding the right proportions on your hand or body. Once you approve this, the process of manufacture begins. We create detailed computer-generated models and share progress viewings with you along the way.

At Ilion, we are all about the details. We design and make bespoke celebration pieces embodied with timeless craftsmanship. Jewellery that can be worn and admired for generations, and we are honoured to tell your story.