Garden Graffiti is a floral design studio specialising in weddings that are incredibly one of a kind. With 7 years on the tools and international experience in both London and New York, we create florals with a difference. The couples that tend to gravitate towards us have individuality, flair and creativity – with a soft spot for romance and a slight attitude for adventure.

Our single goal as florists is to create magical moments for our clients!

If you’re newly engaged and just started the googling process then welcome to wedding planning… it can be overwhelming but we’ve got you. We are a full-service wedding florist that implements ‘on-the-day’ set up (from delivery to placement to installation to wrapping, to bump out), whilst creating a lasting relationship with you and your partner to make sure we turn the floral vision you’ve been imagining into reality.

And if you haven’t been charting your rose colour palette from birth, then trust us to guide you in a direction that we think inspires your wedding from our initial chat.

Using colour, texture and movement in the way we design allows us to create those extraordinary ‘wow’ moments for you and for your guests. If you’d like to receive your bespoke floral proposal then please get in touch as we’d love to hear from you!

Servicing Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast & Byron Bay.

Sincerely in Flowers,
Kat from GG x