Weddings are a little different these days…

A growing number of people are rebelling against the idea that weddings need to be these huge, extravagant events with hundreds of people you don’t really know or care about, instead, choosing to incorporate only the things and people that make them happy on their wedding day.

Romantic picnic for two? Yes please! Just because you’re eloping, doesn’t mean you can’t be totally spoiled and have a long slow dinner with all the trims!

Eloping doesn’t have to mean a budget cheese board and a couple of stubbies (although that also sounds fantastic tbh.)

You can treat yourself to the kind of luxuries that are often only seen at weddings, and you can be totally sustainable while doing so!

As a group of experienced wedding professionals on the Mid North Coast, we noticed there was nothing offered between a quick, simple elopement and a full wedding.

We wanted to be able to offer a fully inclusive experience for couples who don’t want a big wedding, but still want to treat themselves to all the luxuries of a wedding, without the impact.


Turn up. Get hitched. Have the time of your lives.
We’ll take care of the rest.