ELK Prints is a graphic design and illustration studio specialising in bespoke creations for celebrations and events. I work with you to create custom pieces that will make your event magical.

Here at ELK Prints I celebrate all that is wonderful in the world. I believe we are all distinct individuals who deserve a special bespoke product tailored to our particular passions. My role is to provide creative and unique invitations and event decor that evoke an atmosphere of beauty and wonder.

I create designs that tell your story, from the first bespoke invitation that evokes a thrill of excitement, to the beautiful table settings, decorations and bunting that delight and enchant. I start by listening to your journey and understanding the things that matter the most and inspire you. The creative process then continues with original pencil drawings that can then be rendered across mediums including watercolour, pen and ink, foil & letterpress printed onto fine quality papers.

I believe in craftsmanship, in doing things beautifully and with style. I believe in creating something different from the mainstream offerings and forever exploring new ideas and inspirations. My signature style is artisanal, textural, organic and delicate with brushstrokes that are as unique and individual as you are.

Our stories are all unique. Common threads may connect us but how those threads are joined together is always a little different. Your day should be a reflection of your personality and the journey you have taken as a couple. The beauty of a bespoke design service is that I can interpret your love story in a way that can then be experienced by your guests. I look forward to working with you to create something special and amazing that showcases your unique story.