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CloudHerd Film Co.

CloudHerd Film Co.

Weddings are full of big moments; moments that you want to remember, moments that you think about in the lead-up and remember well after the big day. You will remember these whether or not you have a wedding film, but what is often forgotten is the heap of tiny moments that also make up a wedding, and sometimes it’s these moments – the moments in between – that you miss the most at the end of the day.

Our wedding films are about people – the two people committing whole-heartedly to do life together no matter what and the people lucky enough to be there for the ride, for all the moments big and small. Weddings are a celebration of life, of generations past, present and future, of love, of friendship. Get a film of all your people looking f*%#ing great, celebrating your relationship and saying all the nice things about you. Weddings are fleeting. Like really, they go by really, really fast! You have never before experienced what it is to share moments like these with literally everyone you care about in one day. Let us help you remember those moments, those people, that person on that day.

Little moments. Big feelings. That’s our jam.

Founded in 2015 in the Blue Mountains, CloudHerd Film Co. is a small team of passionate, creative filmmakers hell-bent on telling epic love stories in beautiful ways. We look at every film as a new opportunity to make something that is uniquely you (with a little bit of ‘CloudHerd oomph’ for good measure) and no two films are ever the same.

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