Hey! You’re getting married – congrats!

I’m Annie – a creative, a writer, a mumma, a wife, and a love story enthusiast.

Soon enough you’re going to be needing someone like me to officiate your wedding and my first piece of advice to you is to choose someone who ‘gets’ you. On your wedding day you want the person who is doing most of the talking (that’s usually the celebrant) to accurately represent you. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to marry in front of two hundred people or just two, what makes the difference is a well-told story – YOUR story.

I write all of my ceremonies from scratch and my favourite part about the writing process is discovering all of the little quirks and rhythms that exist within your relationship. I use these details to weave together your story and construct your ceremony. We can then build-in as many traditional or non-traditional elements as you like – breaking plates, personal vows, doing shots – anything goes!

It is my humble opinion that what makes a good story great is authenticity. Delivering your story in a manner that is authentic and genuine means steering away from out-dated, flowery language; it means connecting with and including your guests; it means getting to know you and talking about the things, the places and the people you love; it means delivering a ceremony that demonstrates YOUR ideas about marriage and love, not someone else’s.

Let’s create a ceremony together that leaves you and your guests on a love buzz.