Soft, effortless styling is what I love to create, to assist brides in feeling completely themselves on their special day. I believe beauty and styling are how we express ourselves before even speaking a word and greatly affects how we feel.

Hi, I am Candice and I have been a part of the bridal industry for over 10 years working with brides in styling hair. My passion is to create effortless, natural styles with attention to detail, soft waves and textured updos being some of my favourite looks to create. I am calm in nature, allowing brides to feel completely at ease and relaxed on their day.

My aim is to create beauty whilst considering the health of my clients as well as the environment. Which is why I carefully choose products that align with these values. Choosing brands that are sustainable, vegan, cruelty free and lower in toxins where possible. This is, of course, without compromising on quality or lasting results as we know that hair needs to stay fab all night long. This is something I like to discuss with each bride individually to meet your personal needs.

With a background also in design and dressmaking I love to consider all the details of your look when creating your hair to create an outcome that truly feels like you. Your wedding day is a day to shine as your truest self and my ultimate vision is to help you do just that.