Just like your wedding photography, your choice of wedding album is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your entire wedding planning process, for when your big day is done, your memories will live through your album.

We had the same problem as you have. We couldn’t find a wedding album that had moved into the age of digital photography, one that did justice to the wedding photography talent we have in Australia and New Zealand. Think about it. You get over a thousand wedding photos splendidly capturing the essence of your wedding day, and then you can’t meaningfully share them! We needed a wedding album that was worth both the investment in photography, and the album itself.

We were married in 2015 and as for most, it was joyous. Father of the bride brewed the beer, groomsmen built the arbour and set the tables, Ghanaian drummers targeted people with no rhythm, a guest’s shawl caught fire during the sparkler exit, and we literally danced ourselves off the dance floor onto the grass. Why are we telling you this? Because it’s the sort of wedding that should be shared, and it motivated us to create wedding zinesĀ®.

We like to think wedding zines have given power back to you. After easily placing your order online, you’ll find our process is collaborative, ensuring you have a detailed say in how your wedding day story is told. And you can rely on us for all of the creative and technical vigour that comes with crafting something so special. Shall we begin?