I want you two to have the greatest effing day of your lives. I want to capture your big grins, tears of joy, the hugs, and pure emotion. Weddings should be a big celebration of love, not a performance.

I’m an earthy, chilled lady so I take a backseat documentary approach to most of the day, and I’m darn good at blending in. Forever seeking moments of raw unguarded connection, between the two of you, and your loved ones. I want to tell your story with a set of images that are aesthetically timeless, and nostalgic.

If I had a resume it would be kinda short, finished school, became a hairdresser, bought a salon, sold a salon did freelance bridal hair and makeup, bought a camera, became a wedding photographer. In between, moved to the other side of Australia, married a farmer had 2 kids. I’ve been in the Perth wedding industry for just over 10 years and a photographer for the last 5.

Who are my couples? My couples want to invest themselves deeply in every moment of their day. They appreciate that these images will become family heirlooms. They are real, open and honest.

This is the one part of the wedding planning that endures. So I want my work to speak to you.