Aster & Rose- Girl Boss advocate, specialising in Wedding Planning, Styling and Coordination. First, and foremost I stand for creativity and authenticity in what I create as well as who I am as a person (Wine. I also stand for Wine). I pride myself in always wanting what is best for my clients and will go to great lengths to bring their story to life, and within their budget.

No idea or vision will be turned away. I am always up for a challenge and doing new and exciting things that create the trend and tell a magical story, as well as ensuring that it is a ‘positive-vibes only’ process and one of the most enjoyable & stress-free experiences that you will have as a couple!

The Process- I am up for anything, a road trip over to Melbourne for a giant cup of coffee, extremely awkward but fun FaceTime calls, or even a Sunday Funday at the local Bar with a nice glass of red and plenty of chat about all things Weddings! Most important, is getting to know my clients. I want to know their story, what their loves are, what their hates are and how they would like their Wedding to look and feel for their loved ones. Without this, you cannot create a style or plan that truly reflects a couple. This is the most important step in beginning my process.

The Execution-I can promise you this, I will go above and beyond for all of my clients. A lot of thought and planning goes into my process to ensure that I create the Wedding of your dreams!