Hello! I am Jakub.

I have a passion for documentary photography and weddings provide an amazing visual narrative. It’s always rewarding to know that at every wedding I’ve had the privilege of attending, I have taken a small part in creating a family history. The photos I take will be looked at and shared, they’ll elicit tears and laughter and stoke the fires of memory long after the wedding day has passed.

Your wedding photos should take you back in time and reflect the memories you created on your day. Real, honest emotion in every single image. My aim is to steer away from anything staged, and instead focus on the story of two lovers and the ones nearest and dearest to them. I’ll document the tears, the laughter and all the moments in-between.

You should feel comfortable on your wedding day and that’s why I aim to make my service as relaxed as possible. My approach to the portrait session is a blend of laid-back and artistic. I won’t force any awkward poses, instead, I’ll work with you to create a calm session that allows you to express yourselves as naturally as possible. I’ll help you select the perfect location for something that is uniquely beautiful.

I understand that you’re investing your heart and soul into your wedding so I want to make sure you feel comfortable having me there every step of the way. I’d love to catch up for a cup of coffee or chat online for an opportunity to get to know each other and to find out more about your day.