Heyoo, I’m Aaron!

I create handmade, raw and emotive films – no B.S!

Weddings can be deep, poetic and emotional days but also the wildest party ever and when years have past and future generations are watching this film and when your still holding each others wrinkled hands I want those feelings to be felt again and again by all who watch it.

I’m quite minimal in my approach. I believe all I need is a camera, my bare hands and always having an open sense of creativity can create the feel of your day whether being beautifully cinematic or getting a bit rough and weird with it!

I don’t just document your day, I try to produce something that takes you right back to that overwhelming, dream-like state that you feel on your wedding day.

I’m a pretty emotional dude.. I really take in and feel whats happening and become very invested in what i create. Amïco means ‘friend’ and as someone who will be hanging around you a bit on your day, I’d really like to get to know you guys and I’m just as pumped about your day as any of your other guests.

Along side me travelling, working, creating art and inspiring me is my beautiful wife Taisha and my daughters Autumn and Vëra!

I truly believe in marriage and I feel so pumped and privileged to create these films.