How friendly does this bloke look! Wouldn’t you just be chuffed to have him shoot your wedding! Friends, we would like you to meet the lovely Milton of Milton Gan Photography fame. Milton is a Sydney based wedding photographer that we had the pleasure of interviewing for issue one of Hello May magazine late last year and he gave such fabulous responses we thought we best publish the entire interview so you have the opportunity to not only soak up some of his wisdom but to get to know the man behind the lens.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I was born and raised in London. After graduating from a business degree I embarked on a career in media and advertising which consisted of 11 years of fine dining in London followed by another 6 years in Sydney. I then decided it was time to get a proper job. So I became a photographer!

What drew you to the wedding photography game? It’s a whole bunch of reasons: my fascination with love and relationships; the variety of beautiful locations that Australia (and the world) has to offer; and the excitement and humility I experience every time a couple entrusts me with the responsibility of capturing images that will be treasured for the rest of their lives.

What influences led you to develop your laid back, unobtrusive style? I’ve always loved visual storytelling and the feeling of being an observer watching stories unfold. When I was a kid I was addicted to comic books and for many years movies and documentaries have stimulated countless visions, concepts and ideas. So when I photograph a wedding I feel elements of these influences coming together to form my photojournalistic style.

Tell us about your favourite wedding you have ever shot? It’s hard to pick a favourite but I am particularly fond of Lara and Sab’s (featured below) intimate wedding which took place at sunset in my home town of Bondi Beach in the presence of thirty close friends. The reception was a dinner party in a local restaurant that had been hired out. What made it special was how the couple intended it to be a low key legal ceremony ahead of their move back to the UK and their big wedding there, but it ended up being a much more significant event than they ever expected. It was incredible to capture the drama as it played out.

Can you shed a little light on a day in the life of aMilton Gan Photography, how do you approach the first meeting, the wedding day, the editing process etc? I aim to offer every couple the best experience possible and that’s achieved by developing a true connection with them. So from my response to their initial enquiry I’m focused on building a relationship with them and this continues to grow through inviting them to my home studio, recommending wedding vendors, helping them to develop their run sheet, photographing their Love Session, and going to the wedding rehearsal. By the time the wedding day arrives we know each other very well and they feel relaxed and confident in my abilities. Once their photos have been edited we then continue to collaborate on album design. Every day I can be at any one of these stages with several couples. Meanwhile my friends think I spend all week at the beach and just take photos at the weekend!

Any other creative humans in the Australian wedding industry you think are doing particular awesome work? Australia has some awesome talent and photographers like Jerry Ghionis, Marcus Bell and Jonas Peterson are particularly strong on the world stage. There are also loads of make up artists, stylists, florists and stationery designers I admire but it would take too long to name them all so it’s probably easier to check out my Circle Of Trust on my website.

Favourite Sydney venue? Hmmm, tricky. I love The Gunners’ Barracks for an intimate, outdoor ceremony while the QVB Tea Rooms offers a reception with drama, elegance and a whole heap of photo locations. Further south, Milton Park is beautiful and has an awesome name!

If you could offer one word of advice to the bride and groom nervous about having their photo taken what would it be? Wow, just one word is pretty tough! I like “breathe” as it’s more constructive than “relax”, but if I could offer a few more words I would suggest arranging a Love Session a few months before the wedding so the couple can get used to being in front of the camera and get to know their photographer, both of which will help them to feel more relaxed on the day.

In addition to his website you can also check out more of Milton’s beautiful work here on the Hello May directory and follow him on Facebook here.

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Credits Photos Milton Gan Photography // Bridal gown Alannah Hill // Bride?Ž“s shoes Gorman // Makeup Chanel in Bondi Junction // Ceremony Ben Buckler // Reception Chapter One // Celebrant Tara Rennie.