My approach to wedding photography is relaxed and unobtrusive. I offer images that will reflect your wedding day unfolding, just as it happens - honestly, perfectly...and imperfectly.

Using natural documentary methods, as well as a little thoughtful & sensitive direction...my aim is to create beautiful, poignant images of your nuptials. My personal style could be described as - understated. Real. Simple. As it is. Natural beauty. Truth felt. Truth captured. A little raw. A little messy. Starting in film photography - the subtleties of the look of film influence my work too.

Based in the exquisite Blue Mountains, and available nationwide - whisper. - is the wedding branch of my photographic studio. When I'm not photographing lovers I keep myself busy creating a range of fine-art imagery, both commissioned and personal - I like to think I bring this eye to my wedding photography. I find it so satisfying to create meaningful photography for others...whether it be for a couple in love, or a gallery wall.

I feel such genuine joy when I deliver images to my wonderful happy couples. I imagine them opening their parcel, flicking through the prints I've selected - moist eyes, warm hearts. It may sound like a cliche…but it really is a privilege to witness and document such an intimate event as a wedding. I am so grateful that I am inspired to, and reminded of - LOVE - in it’s most heartfelt moments...through my work. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that what I do is my job!

Ona xo