The White Tree

The White Tree is a select creative team featuring the country’s top artistic talent for modern weddings, festivals and corporate events. We provide world class live music, natural journalistic photography and cinematic quality film – all under the one artistic roof! We perform, entertain, shoot, produce and edit all around Australia and the world, but our HQ is in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

We love weddings. But we don’t like clichés. Every wedding is a blank canvas. This is exciting for us and creatively inspiring. With photography, we relish the variables of the day and the freedom from a controlled studio environment. We have a delicate and technical understanding (and love) for natural light. For brilliant wedding photographs, this is paramount.

With our films, thanks to some exciting advancements in camera technology, we have developed a cinematic shooting style and editing technique that draws on a music film clip aesthetic. The end result is a modern film production that is creatively hip, and void of any tacky cliches!

And last but not least, we also pride ourselves on our versatile instrumentation, tight live sound and varied repertoire to suit a range of modern events. At one gig we’ll be performing suave jazz with a brass section and dazzling female vocalist, and at the next gig we’re rocking out tracks by The Stones, Daft Punk, Rhianna and The Black Keys. Our band line up and set list can be customised to suit your budget, the tone of your event and your preferred music genres.

We'd love to help you out in any way we can, so drop us a line anytime!

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