The Tsudons

Hello Friend! We're The Tsudons. Creatively driven dreamers with a hunger for adventure and a deep love for the preservation of stories. A few years ago we gave up the comforts of high paying careers in search of a life that felt more honest and true to our spirit.

A life that would bring us closer to people who see the world the way that we do. We had no idea that when we started, our journey would take us here and we have no idea where it will lead next. What we do know is that our shared humanity means eventually everything will fade - even the doorways to all of the memories we will make along the way. 

We fell in love photography when we realised that if we captured the right moment in a single frame, there’s a vibration of emotion that continues to resonate beyond where the movement ends. A tingling of your senses as they search the depths of your heart and mind to relive that time and place. The image becomes a doorway to a greater story, a time machine to somewhere long forgotten and a visual legacy of who you are for the loved ones that follow you. 

We want to be a part of creating that legacy. To adventure and experiment and explore the authentic you while sharing your wedding day as friends who understand the way you love each other. Now that you know a little about our story, we would love to know yours. Reach out and lets talk about your journey and your dreams.

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