the mink studio

The mink studio is an Adelaide-based boutique photography house, specialising in lifestyle (free-range) documentary photography. We are a close team of experienced photographers and passionate story-tellers. Together we work as a collective of doco-artists producing a portfolio of work that celebrates the quirks that are individuality... ours and yours.

Your uniqueness is our muse and we're constantly striving to tell your story, through your experience and with our lens.

As a business we have kept things small, deliberately. Our business has evolved mainly on word-of-mouth over the past 12+ years, bringing like-minded clients to our door and allowing us to witness some of life's greatest moments. The photographic documentaries we produce are hand-made... a real labour of love. They are also pretty labour-intensive and a bit of a perfectionist's art form! So we can't just churn them out. The results are something we're really proud of.

Reactions and responses are something we are constantly watching and we can get there slightly ahead of the actual moment just through experience. Although every wedding is of course different, we can anticipate a response by paying careful attention and following the action throughout the day, all day. It's what we love most about what we do. We know when to expect the greatest emotions from you, and those around you, and we know how to capture it best.

We don't force anything and we're not around to make things happen to a script. However, we will step up and get directorial when required... we know you need our experience to show you the way and we are each very happy to take charge when needs arise. But mostly we are there to see and record the special small moments, as well as the big ones. These can't come from anywhere but reality.

It's our job to observe emotions, moments, personalities and dynamics. And record them for you to remember. Rest assured we bring to every event not only our cameras and peripheral vision, but also our time-keeping and people-wrangling skills which will make all the difference to the quality and calibre of documentary we create from your day.

At the end of the (usually long) day, we take our greatest pleasure from exceeding our clients expectations... surprising them with the depths of our documentary coverage and the moments they never realised were frozen. This is what we do and all we do... so we do it well.

Not all photography is created equal.

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