Sammy & Lola

Do you like to stand out? Do you have a unique style that you want to stamp on your wedding day? When you visualise your perfect day do you see your guests exclaiming – “wow” – as they walk into the room? We think you just might be a Sammy & Lola bride.

Sammy & Lola can quite literally put your name (or almost anything else) up in lights. They are Australia’s only hire company offering meticulously hand-crafted marquee lights, made from sustainable timber and hand painted right here in Sydney. "We’re incredibly proud of our lights, and we know our Sammy & Lola brides and grooms genuinely appreciate the love and attention we put into each one". How does Sammy & Lola know? They tell us so.

The brainchild of husband and wife team Justin and Maryanne, Sammy & Lola was created for brides and grooms who want wedding decorations as unique as they are. Completely self standing and coming in at just under one metre tall, Sammy & Lola's marquee lights are a striking addition to any space, and there is no chance they’ll get lost in the crowd. Changing the mood of your event is as easy as adjusting the illumination with the touch of a button. Sammy & Lola can also help with additional lighting including neon light-box designs and festoon lights.

Maryanne is the face of Sammy & Lola and not only is she chief-of-inspiration, she’s also the voice at the end of the phone who will help you light up your special day. Justin has been working in the signage industry for more than 12 years, and it shows in every beautifully selected piece of wood and handcrafted corner. Justin and Maryanne look forward to meeting you, and would be honoured to be a part of making your vision for your magical day come true.

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