One Day In Mind

We are One Day In Mind and we craft 'Fine Films for Fine Folk'. We are journeymen on an adventure seeking to capture connection. In a 1000 years, when we have long left this place, it's our hope that our stories will still tell the tale of not just who you loved, but how you loved, with authentic honesty.

Each of our handcrafted films are a unique story about lovers and their loved ones, capturing what words and images fail to, and preserved across all time and space. We. Make. Feels. Why? For us the meaning of life comes down to one thing. Love. Not love in the mushy, hallmark red hearts and chocolates kind of way, but the raw and honest kind.

It’s rhythmic and it moves. And when it does it’s one of our loves to capture it and weave it into something that tells the story of who you are, not just what you look like at a moment in time. If you feel something incredible for someone incredible and you want to hold on to it for all time, let's share a meal, a drink and a few old stories while we get to know each other better. We look forward to hearing from you.

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