Liv Lundelius Makeup

Sometimes it is nice to remember that we all have a unique character - a particular style that helps express who we are as individuals. As a makeup artist, I like to think I have the ability to see beyond trends to create effortless makeup that reflects each brides personal style. I truly believe nothing is quite as beautiful as someone who is authentic and brave enough to be themselves, and through beautifully applied makeup I hope to give each bride that kind of confidence.

To be able to work personally with each bride is one of the real joys of being a makeup artist. Their happiness is infectious and I have always enjoyed connecting with and getting to know new people. With a great understanding of different skin types and skin complexions, I am able to select the right products to enhance your unique features in a natural way, and to help achieve a look you feel comfortable with.

The vibrance of different cultures, fashion and art, is something that has always interested me and I have been fortunate in my work, which has taken me from Berlin, to London and New York and now, Sydney. In many ways it has helped shape my love for and ability to create flawless makeup, glowing skin and hair styling that appears timeless and effortless.

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