It's Beautiful Here

It’s Beautiful Here is Kat Soutar and Scout Kozakiewicz, two Melbourne-based photographers with a background in visual and media arts. We love art and documentary, ritual and romance, and we love taking photos.

Weddings are a big celebration of love and we are drawn to all of it; Nonna on the dance floor, your best friend crying during the speeches, and the less obvious, natural moments between couples. Each couple is unique and we truly enjoy capturing all the special details and making them into a story of the day.

We like to think that our relationship is collaborative. Our images are how we see this world but also very much a reflection of each couple’s values. We don’t know how this happens, it just does, like magic. So to put it in a nut shell, It’s Beautiful Here is an exploration of ritual and love, observed unobtrusively, documented as an heirloom.

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