I Got You Babe Weddings

My name is Lilli. You can call me Lil.

I live in an old art deco house in Brunswick with my muso hubby & two intensely affectionate tonkinese cats, Charlie & Min.

My wedding work is on the documentary & whimsical side of the wedding photography fence, with dashes of rawness, romance, soft focus & moodiness at times. I look for the intimacy in the 'in between' & unseen moments, searching for light, mood & beauty, sometimes in more unusual places. I find that allowing my couples to be themselves within a comfortable and intimate space is key to being able to capture images that hold emotions, emotions that may fleet by you on the day, but are ones you will want to remember years down the road.

I strongly believe that my practice should represent the honest & perhaps complex stories behind your day, because there's more to true love than just the wedding day. Together, you have gone through a million little things, the first dates, falling in love, moving in together, sharing best friends, supporting one other in harder times, the proposal.. so many memories that have led you to this milestone. And now, it's time to get dressed up, feast on top notch tucker & hand selected booze (maybe with plenty of cake & cheese), & perhaps even have a boogie to some fine tunes with your best friends & the love of your life. What more could you want.

My aim is to capture you & your loved ones in the moment, as your most vulnerable and authentic selves, evoking the warmth between you and reaching through to your true characters, capturing a real representation of who you are, together.

When you look at your wedding photos, I want you to be able to relive the feelings and many different emotions that made up the whole day, those crushing hugs, giant smiles, silly faces, impressive dance moves, beautiful tears, and remember how full to the brim with love you both felt.

Lilli x

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