Good Grace & Humour

Perhaps unlike a traditional florist, our floral design process is to let colour, texture and movement be the leading ladies, rather than any specific variety. We’re inspired by artwork and design, and can spend hours sifting through magazines, websites and blogs looking for different colour combinations and styling, and new and eco-friendly ways to arrange and display.

We see flowers as flexible and variable design elements through which we can tell a story, and therefore aim to personalise our floral designs rather than offer a standard package. We love how flowers have the ability to represent you and your partner’s personalities and how they can transform any space into something quite amazing.

There are no rules when it comes to floral styling, which we love. It means we can be open to suggestions and free to let our creativity run wild. Whether you have a wedding, a special event, a one-off commission or need flowers for styling, contact us and we will approach you brief with good grace and humour.

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