Hello! I'm Eric. I love fancy-pants single origin coffee, enjoy a nice glass of Chardy, like being silly, not afraid to cry, and get a real buzz photographing wedding stories. But seriously though, how good is Stranger Things? Anyway...

Your choice of photographer is a SUPER super important one. How will your memories be captured? How will your story be told? Who do you want creeping around you all day taking your picture?

For me it’s important to remember that every story is different, every couple is different, every wedding is different. I strive to reflect that in my pictures.

I pride myself on continually trying new ideas and experimenting on new ways to craft images and tell stories with my pictures. The couples that I work with are excited about this and give me the trust necessary to go on that adventure. I put a whole lotta love into what I do and my hope is that your pictures will be something new, unique and finely crafted. Most importantly however, I want to give you a genuine and beautiful representation of you, your love and your wedding story.

Sound good? Excellent. Let's make some art together.

What's next? I'd encourage you to click the link below to head on over to my website take a look at some of my wedding stories. If I had you at hello then you can drop me an email and we can get the ball rolling. I can't wait to hear from you and find out what greatness you have planned for your most awesome of days.

Your new pal,

Eric (a.k.a. Ez)

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