Nina and Paul recently tied the knot and employed the services of the good folk from Soymilk Weddings to create this amazing animated film documenting their relationship, travels and epic (and oh-so romantic) New Zealand proposal.

Paul and Jenni from Soymilk tell us “This awesome couple asked us to help with a special gift for their family and friends, telling their love story, and it was recently screened during their wedding reception.” Yep you read that right! A stop motion animation, combining thoughtfully made handcrafted sets with 2D animation, for a wedding favour! Is that just not the best thing since sliced bread!

We won’t lie… we got a little teary around the one minute thirty mark where their long distance relationship kicks in, beautifully illustrated by a wooden map of Australia, coffee beans and cotton balls!

We think they would make great save the dates or thank you video’s too and hope to see more couples embracing this unique idea for years to come. You can check out more from the talented Soymilk Weddings folk here on Vimeo.

CREDITS Cinematography Soymilk Weddings.