If someone came to us and asked how to make an all-in-one invitation, RSVP, travel guide and map look pretty, we’d certainly struggle. Which is why we’re more than happy to showcase company’s like Mrs Ink & Co, which come up with amazing, creative concepts on a daily basis. It also happens that Pia Ink, the name and brains behind the brand, is one half of Pia and Jonah, whose gorgeous, Jewish wedding ceremony is featured in our current issue of Hello May Magazine. If their own wedding day is anything to go by, we’re super excited for whatever else Mrs. Ink has up her sleeve.

Recently she designed this tidy suite for Dion and Grace – a creative couple who wanted something fresh and original. Pia tells us “the invitation card is where these styles first came together with multiple fonts in a structured layout cushioned by flourishes and their names, which we hand-lettered in a modern, cursive typeface. With the wedding taking place in Bali, there was a lot of locality information that needed to fit, so a double-sided, concertina-fold details card was included in the set… Grace’s father creates beautiful free-slowing sketches, which we places alongside some of the more rigid fonts to create juxtaposition and soften the feel.”

Stationery however, isn’t her only forte. Also offering bespoke event styling services, Pia and her motley crew are keen to help in any creative way they can, believing that when there’s a will there’s a way!


CREDITS Stationery Mrs Ink & Co.