This post goes out to all the movers and shakers. To all the groovy men and women who aren’t afraid to dominate the dance floor. Because be warned, these slick looking shoes aren’t for the faint hearted – from the moment you slip your feet into a pair of L’FS Shoes you’ll be cutting shapes like a boss. Remember good old M.J. and those restless kids from Footloose? Well, we think they would’ve liked these.

Born and bred in Piedmont, Italy by engaged couple Licia and Francio, L’FS Shoes was their dream to, in their words, “have a high quality Italian product with irony and an original twist. Our most famous shoe is a brogue model redesigned to be used without shoelaces and tongue as a pair of mocassini.”

Their idea clearly worked, and now brides and grooms everywhere get to have the most fabulous looking feet on their wedding day. We adore the Tac Gypsy Pink Shoes and the uber trendy and oh so sparkly Blkorosil Glitter Shoes. Such fun!


CREDITS Shoes L’FS Shoes.