It wasn’t what you’d call a small or low-key affair, the 1953 wedding of John F Kennedy and Jackie Bouvier. Having been amongst the same upper-class social circles, JFK and Jackie met in May 1952, and married on September 12, 1953 with around 700 guests witness to their ceremony at St. Mary’s Church, Newport, Rhode Island, before 1200 guests joined them for their reception at Hammersmith Farm. They had two kids together, Caroline and John F Kennedy Jr and remained married until JFK’s assassination in 1963.

Jackie’s wedding dress (now in the Kennedy Library in Boston, MA) was designed by Ann Lowe – a generous 15 m of ivory silk taffeta. After nearly two months making the dress, and just 10 days before the wedding, Ann’s workroom was flooded, ruining the dress – meaning the poor thing had just eight days working day and night to start over and make the amazing frock again! But she did it, and managed to produce one very iconic wedding dress. Though Jackie herself had wanted a simple slimline dress, the Kennedy family insisted on this design. Jackie said she thought she looked “like a lampshade.”

A special treat below for today’s heyday post too, via a short colour video of their wedding day!

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