Sharon Tate (an American actress, sex symbol and model) and Roman Polanski (a Polish film director, writer and actor) met on the set of The Fearless Vampire Killers – a 1967 comedy horror film – and married the following year in Chelsea, London on the 20th January, 1968.

Polanski was dressed in what the press described as “Edwardian finery” while Tate was attired in a white, iridescent minidress, featuring a high neck, long sleeves and puff shoulders. Jasmine and ribbon were thrown like confetti through her beautiful wild, blonde hair and a pair of sheer stockings and leather pumps completed her on-trend look.

Described by photographer Peter Evans as “the imperfect couple… Cool, nomadic, talented and nicely shocking”, Sharon and Roman had an interesting arrangement. While Tate reportedly wanted a traditional marriage, Polanski remained somewhat promiscuous – a trait they both acknowledged likely wouldn’t change (though Sharon kept her fingers crossed). Peter Evans quoted Tate as saying, “We have a good arrangement. Roman lies to me and I pretend to believe him.”

In August 1969, only a year after they tied the knot, Tate was murdered along with four of her friends inside their LA home while Polanski was in Europe working on a film  – an event described at the time as one of the most “horrific crimes in modern history” and now widely known as the Manson murders.  A devastating ordeal, made even more nightmarish by the fact that Tate was pregnant. In his autobiography, Polanski described his brief time with Tate as the best years of his life and his absence on the night of the murders as his greatest regret.

CREDITS Photo unknown.