When New York Yankees slugger Joe DiMaggio asked an acquaintance to arrange for him to meet Marilyn Monroe, the blonde model who’s star was on the fast rise as a movie star, Monroe hadn’t expected to like him so much, but rather expected him to be a bit of an obnoxious jock. When she found him to be a reserved and decent guy who didn’t hit on her straight away she fell a bit in love, and it led to one of the most famous marriages in history.

Their marriage began on this day on 14 January 1952, and though it ended soon after, in October 1954, their  messy kind of love was something that endured, with DiMaggio securing her release from psychiatric hospital years later before taking her to Florida for a dose of R&R. The following year when Monroe died of a drug overdose DiMaggio arranged her funeral and then spent the decades that followed, until his own death in 1999, sending roses to her grave several days a week.

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