It’s a Hollywood cliche Judie Garland couldn’t avoid – Actress meets director and falls in love. The year was 1944 and Garland had just signed on to film Meet Me In St Louis, arguably one of her most successful films and a favourite here in the Hello May office.

Although they clashed at first Minnelli had plans for 22 year old Judy. He requested that makeup artist Dorothy Ponedel be assigned to Garland. Ponedel refined Judy’s appearance in several ways, including extending and reshaping her eyebrows, changing her hairline, modifying her lip line and removing her nose discs.  Minnelli was later credited for Garlands transition from child star to Hollywood leading lady and they married the following year in 1945.

What we love about this wedding is these two Hollywood big-wigs shunned the over the top do’s popular at the time and had a quiet backyard affair, tying the knot one afternoon at Garland’s mother’s home. Judy’s boss Louis B. Mayer gave her away and even had Irene, the famous M-G-M designer (who made all of Judy’s clothes for her films) whip her up a wedding gown as a gift for the young bride.

At the time Irene said “Judy likes a long waistline, it’s very becoming on her.” The dress was designed to match Judy’s engagement ring “a large pink pearl, exquisitely set in black onyx, one of the daintiest and loveliest things I’ve ever seen!” Irene goes on to say “the gown was soft blue – with very delicate pink beads – and it was lovely, it really was.”

After their backyard shindig Garland and Minnelli spent three glorious months on honeymoon in New York and afterwards Judy discovered that she was pregnant. Their daughter, Liza, was born in 1946 and their marriage ended in divorce in 1951.

CREDITS Lauren Semar