As humans, most of us are inherently optimistic. Take Johnny Carson for example, though he never proved to be a very good husband he continued to believe in marriage, even after his first, second and third one failed. Best known as the host of U.S. television show, The Tonight Show (cue: Heeere’s Johnny!), his second marriage to Joanne Copeland, a former TV host and model, took place on August 17, 1963 at Marble Collegiate Church in New York City just months after his  divorce to high school sweetheart Jody Wolcott.

It was here that Johnny, 37 and Copeland, 28 said “I do” in their own unique way. Carson, America’s highest paid entertainer at the time, arrived in a classic black tuxedo and tie while Joanne made her grand entrance in a conservative, patterned white and black sleeved dress. Gathered at the waste with a thin, black tie her choice to wear something far less fussier than most 1960 bridal designs is rumoured to do with the fact that it was her second marriage, too. Instead of a fancy hair-do she also opted for a scrunched, white head piece not unlike the swimming caps many women were wearing at the time.

Their romance lasted until 1972 following a gruelling legal battle however in an interview with The New York Times, Joanne assures the world that she managed to pick up the pieces. “Part of evolving is moving on,” she said, “and I have that ability. Which I think is what keeps me young and keeps my attitude young. I’m very — as Truman would say — au courant.”

CREDITS Photo Hyman Rothman via Getty Images.