It was the prelude to the famous ‘bed-in’ honeymoon. And somewhere along the way it included a post-wedding lunch with Salvador Dali. As you do.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono kicked off married life on March 20, 1969, in a mismatched collection of whites that we think worked for reasons quite unknown. A white mini dress, floppy hat, knee high socks and sneakers for her. A white corduroy jacket and high top sneakers for him. And most importantly a satisified smile across each of their noggins.

With just the witness of two others (photographer David Nutter and The Beatles’ governor Peter Brown), John and Yoko were wed with a speedy 75 minute trip from Paris to Gibraltar – a pop into the registry office – and back again, before lunching with Dali and moseying on up to the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam for their very well known honeymoon – a week-long ‘bed-in’, where they courted the media and shared their message to “give peace a chance”.