You would think the meeting of Elvis and Priscilla would be your pretty standard rock n roll fairy tail. Girl meets boy back stage, they fall in love, get married and live happily ever after, but it turns out ol’ Elvis had to do quite the bit of leg work (literally and metaphorically) in order to even get a second date with the young Priscilla.

Elvis and Priscilla met on September 13, 1959, during a party at Elvis’ home in Germany, during his stay in the army. He was 24 and at 14 years of age, she was 10 years his junior. They had such a great time chatting away at the party that Priscilla got home late and was not only in the bad books with her parents but forbidden from seeing Elvis again. Elvis persisted though, and after promising to never bring her home late again, he was granted a second date and they were together until Elvis returned to America in 1960.

The couple stayed in contact over the phone, though they would not see each other again until the summer of 1962, when Priscilla’s parents agreed to let her visit Elvis in Memphis for 2 weeks, on the condition that Elvis would pay for a first-class round trip, arrange for her to be chaperoned at all times, and that she write home every day! If only they had email back then! Elvis, being a little cheeky, told Priscilla that they were going to Las Vegas and, to throw her parents off the scent, he had Priscilla write a postcard for every day they would be gone so that they could be mailed from Los Angeles by a member of his staff.

Priscilla’s parents finally let her move to America for good in March 1963 but again, Priscilla’s father had some conditions. She had to attend an all-girls Catholic school and live with Elvis’ father and his stepmother in a separate house on the Graceland estate until she graduated from high school AND Elvis had to promise he would eventually marry her. While he broke his second promise and moved Priscilla into the main house after only 2 weeks, he kept his third and they married on May 1, 1967, at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. Although this couple didn’t stand the test of time, their union is one to remember for the histroy books!

Priscilla reportedly designed her flowing pearl-trimmed, silk-chiffon gown with beaded yoke and topped with a three-foot tulle veil secured by a rhinestone crown while Elvis, never to be outshone by his Mrs., wore an equally attention-grabbing black brocade silk tuxedo and a spiffy bow tie.

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