Our Hello Vendor profiles give you the opportunity to put a face to some of our favourite wedding vendors and to gain some insight into what makes the creative folk you’re hiring for your day of good times tick. We’ve introduced you to celebrants, location scouts, film makers and fashion designers and today we’re happy as pigs in mud to be introducing you to photographers (and self confessed cat lovers) Lauren and Glenn of Still Love.

Tell us a little about your background? Lauren gets to make people call her Doctor (but she hasn’t yet, which I don’t understand – what else is the point of being a Doctor?!) after getting her PhD in Social Psychology while she was still coming along and shooting with me at every wedding. Meanwhile I was doing the whole hell-on-earth thing of working a nine to five office job that suuuucked. Neither of us had any creative aspirations prior to picking up a camera…

How did you get into the photo taking game?  I bought a horrible bridge camera and basically lived at Perth Zoo (because animals are the best!) but it quickly turned into “I’ll just try to shoot a couple of people” and that turned into a friend (Emma from Milla Makeup) asking me to shoot a styled wedding portrait shoot, which turned into me realising wedding photography can be pretty awesome. Lauren’s story is much shorter: I forced her to come along to the first few weddings and gave her the worst of my gear, but somehow she also loved shooting weddings (so she got some better gear!).

Talk us through a typical day in the Still Love studio?  A typical day for us is a non-wedding day, so after having like three coffees downstairs with cats lying all over us, we move upstairs (with said cats) and get our culling and editing on. And basically trying to drown out each others Spotify playlists which is hard when your offices are right next to each other.

Where do you find your inspiration?  Each other? Ha, no – gross. Mostly in nature I think, we definitely get inspired by the environment that we’re in. I also spend a tonne of time looking at street photography because I love what people like Elliott Erwitt create…

Favourite venues? Hands down Donnelly River. We’re in our element at that place. Asides from the wild kangaroos and emus at your door every morning and following you around all day – it’s a spot that has an amazing forest settings, awesome cottages, the best light, and people have their guests chilling out with them for a whole weekend or longer rather than the four hours you see them at the reception.

Any advice for couples nervous in front of the camera? Just be yourselves, and if that’s being super awkward, that’s awesome (awkward makes for great photos!). And remember, when in doubt, just get stupidly close to each other. It doesn’t matter how nervous or awkward you are, two people who rock each others’ socks off being SUPER close to each other is going to make for a kickass photo.

Where did the name Still Love come from?  We toyed around with all types of names for a few hours one day and just wrote down any name that came to mind… Lauren wrote ‘Love, Still’ which was obviously stupid, but then I saved the day and said ‘Still Love’. So it was all me.

Name three of your favourite things?  Lauren: Cats, flowers, books. Glenn: Cats, animals, nature. Wait, it’s okay that we didn’t put each other in our three, right?

Any funny stories to tell from the trenches? We’ve had a pretty easy run, no bridezillas or anything like that. Lauren awesomely fell over backwards during the recessional at a wedding right in front of everyone so she’s banned from recessionals now.

What is your most popular package? What price do your packages start from? Our album collection is our most popular. We don’t really push people toward it but once people pick up the album in the initial catch-up they’re usually sold on it. Images are made to be printed people! The album collection is $6,000 and our coverage-only collection is $4,000.

Describe your shooting style in three words?  People being themselves.

Dream destination to shoot at?  Anywhere in the woods or forest where there’s just a crapload of nature around. Or that cat island in Japan – although the couple wouldn’t get that many photos of themselves.

Finish these sentences. If it rains…. hell yes! Best weather for amazing photos!

When I was getting married I wish someone told me to… go do something amazing with each other in the morning like a walk through a forest or even just a coffee and walk around some cool shops or something. More people need to do stuff with each other in the morning before you have to go entertain everyone else the rest of the day (and not just for the amazing photos you’ll get from it – but that helps!). Tradition sucks, why spend all morning with anyone else?!

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CREDITS Photos Still Love // Portrait Jenna Mason.