Everyone we would like you to meet Nat. We think she is a bit wonderful. Why? Because she is a real life bonafide ‘wedding singer’ and can belt out one hell of a tune.. and let’s be honest, we’ve all been in awe (and when we say in awe we mean jealous) of someone with a musical bone in their body at one time in our lives.

Nat (who plays under the moniker Tillee Music) is a regular on the wedding circuit with her hubby, whom she has been performing with for seven years (and married to for four) so if anyone understands the journey of planning a wedding (and finding that perfect song to walk down the aisle to) these guys do! We were lucky enough to sit down with the lovely Nat for a chat recently so you can get to know the human behind the voice. Lets dive right in shall we…

Nat, tell us a little about your background? I went to Inaburra High School, in the Sutherland Shire and started my vocal training when I was in year seven and have never stopped…

How did Tillee Music come about? I began singing at weddings about 10 years ago with a couple of girlfriends. I met an amazing stylist along the way, Rouba (founder and director of The Style Salon) who I got chatting with and from there she began recommending all of her couples to me. It was then that I decided to set up the business which has really taken off over the last couple of years. The name ‘Tillee’ actually came from my dad who has just always shortened my name to Tillee.

Talk us through a typical day in the Tillee Music office? Emails, run sheets, phone calls, invoices etc. We rehearse each couples requested songs and of course love adding new tunes to our sets to keep us on our toes. I’m also regularly meeting with couples discussing music for their wedding day and visiting our favourite venues to discuss their upcoming weddings/events.

What’s your favourite ‘classic’ to sing at a wedding? I know it feels like it’s been around forever now but I really enjoy singing ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Peri (better known as the Twilight song) and it’s still by far the most requested song for brides as they walk down the aisle.

Weirdest song request you’ve ever received? We were playing at a vineyard in the Hunter Valley and the aisle song requested was ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica. Needless to say we added some Tillee music style to it but it was definitely a challenge. The couple were really happy with it though.

Can a couple request a song that’s not on your play list? Absolutely! Our song list is here as a guide for you to see what our style is and also to view what we work from during canapes & receptions but the tunes we play during your Aisle walk, singing of your marriage certificate and your ‘Announced as Husband and Wife’ song are all completely up to you. Your 1st dance song we are also happy to learn for you. There’s no extra cost for this service either, it’s all part of the package!

Any advice four couples on the fence about hiring a live musician for their ceremony? I highly recommend live music; it creates an atmosphere that an iPod can’t. I work with all my couples on all aspects of their music which simply takes this element of each couples wedding day off their ‘to do list’ and allows them to enjoy hearing it all unfold on the day. The other thing that I find is the songs requested by couples for us to play are often remembered by all of their guests as being played live on a friends wedding day.

Last time you cried? Ummm yesterday while watching Coco Chanel, I just got so inspired by her life, AGAIN!!!!

Best thing about being a wedding singer is… I honestly love working with each couple, planning their wedding and working out what songs they want to be a part of this massive occasion. Each couple has such different taste and I learn alot about them from the songs they love. The other thing that’s unreal is having so many people enjoy our music at each wedding, it’s what it’s all about.

Can you describe your style for us in 3 words? Folk, Classic, Vintage.

Being the legend that she is, Nat is offering Hello May readers a whopping 25% off any of her packages. All you have to do is lock her in by the end of the financial year, that’s about six weeks away for those of you who have not looked at a calendar recently!  You can click here to listen to a few of her songs, including one hell of a Johnny Cash cover that impressed our socks off. You can also see Tillee Music in action here on the Hello May directory!

CREDITS Music Tillee Music // Photos Michelle Leigh.