Our Hello Vendor profiles afford you the chance to get to know the human being behind the brand. In Issue 2 we sat down with Daniel Cartwright, owner of No Limit Pictures and picked his brain about all things film and photography. Over to you Daniel…

What led you down the path of a wedding cinematographer? I really, really, really love movies. I got married nine years ago and saw our corny wedding video, with cheesy flashy effects and craziness going on (back then it was the ‘in’ thing), and after watching it I thought, ‘hey, I love film and have a passion for it, so why not try it out’. It took me about three years to get into the industry full-time. I haven’t looked back since.

What’s your favourite part of the job? There’s a number of things that I really dig. For starters we all love to travel, and by shooting our style of wedding films we have been taken to India, Thailand, Fiji, New Zealand, Indonesia, Santorini and Bali. Another one is the people we meet, we become great friends! I don’t think there is any other job in the world that can give you that kind of satisfaction.

Talk us through a typical day in the No Limit Pictures office… Think Hamish and Andy meets Parks and Recreation. Thats our office. We are bunch of dudes doing great work, but having fun at the same time. We also have a little helper, my son Lucas (18 months old) who likes to turn off computers at the powerpoint whilst in the middle of work.

Talk to us about the advantage of having a cinematographer, as well as a photographer, at your wedding? The way we see it is they both work hand in hand. To us, speeches and the vows are so important, as well as the little unseen moments. These are pretty much the most important times where two people can express their love to one another in front of their closest friends and family. Photos are great too as they capture really precious memories at one point in time. Every wedding goes through the same motions, but its the people that are different, its the stories that are different, its the personalities, the love, the warmth.

A few words of advice for clients looking to book a cinematographer? There’s many things they should look out for… style, personality, work ethic… I can keep going. I guess the main ones would be if they get along with the cinematographer and if they like their particular style.

Any Funniest Home Video-worthy moments? Oh yeah! We have seen heaps. The funniest one was a streaker at a wedding we shot down the coast. It was classic. There have been a few brides falling over, as they trip on their dresses. Some cake topples as well. The great thing about these moments is the bride and groom do laugh about it. Always great to see the lighter side of things in life!

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CREDITS Photo John Benavente // Cinematography No Limit Pictures.