We are pretty excited to have had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Queensland cake maker Bree from The Cake That Ate Paris. Married lady, soon to be mother of one, trained chef and all round lovely human being, Bree gives us the down low on the joys of baking, her favourite ingredients and the secret to making that perfect fluffy cake!

Tell us a little bit about your background… when I finished high school I did my chef apprenticeship in the NSW Hunter Valley. After that I moved up to Qld where I worked as a pastry chef and started to learn the ropes in cake decorating. One day my husband and I decided we were both sick of our jobs so decided to take off in a kombi around Australia! When we returned I started The Cake That Ate Paris and the rest is history…..we are now married and expecting our first little one in April!

How did you get into the cake making game? When I was working as a chef I was always been drawn to the sweets side of things. I can’t remember exactly why I started doing cake decorating classes but around that time my sister was getting married and asked me to make her cake. So that was my first project. Everyone was so blown away by her cake that I thought hmmmmm I might just keep this up!

Talk us through a typical day in the Cake That Ate Paris kitchen? First thing is to check and answer emails. Next is a whole lot of baking! Usually I will bake early in the week, then ganache all the cakes and then on a Thursday or Friday cover and decorate. Saturday is usually delivery day….the most stressful day of all! Sunday I try to keep free, then get ready to do it all over again on Monday!

How did you come up with your business name? My Dad actually came up with the name for me! There is a (really strange) old Australian film called ‘The Cars That Ate Paris’ and he changed it to ‘The Cake That Ate Paris’. I wasn’t too sure of it at the time but am really glad I went with it, I’ve had so much positive feed back.

Favourite icing colour combo? Oh gosh I couldn’t pick just one! I’m loving lots of colour at the moment. This week it’s bright pastels…it will change next week though!

Where do you find your inspiration? I find inspiration all over the place. Mostly in home magazines. I have a subscription for Real Living & Vogue Living and they’re great for inspiration. Especially Vogue for colours and patterns. I find that most of my inspiration comes when I’m out in nature, going for a drive in the mountains and even just getting to the beach….. getting out and about must open my mind!

Do you have a favourite ingredient to bake with?  At the moment it would have to be chocolate. Being pregnant chocolate tastes better than it ever has!

Talk us through some other options for couples on the fence about having a traditional wedding cake? There are so many options as far as design goes these days that it really makes it hard to choose. Starting a pinterest board is a great way to get ideas and also an easy way to share these ideas with your cake decorator so they are on the same page as you.

Craziest request you have ever received? A wasabi cake. Not too sure if it would work…..luckily the bride talked the groom out of it!

What’s the secret to the perfect fluffy cake? I think a good secret is to start with all of your ingredients at room temperature. Don’t add cold milk or eggs to beautifully creamed butter & sugar! Oven temperature is crutial too. You really have to get to know your own oven as each one is different. Oh and sift your flour!


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