All we are going to say is, if you like this idea, we hope you like canned fruit and baked beans too because depending on your guest list it may take you a while to save up enough cans!

Tin can place cards are not only cost effective, they are a hell of a lot of fun to make and, for those having a low-key backyard BBQ wedding, they double as a sweet mini picnic hamper for each of your nearest and dearest.

Large tin cans (min 800g)
A3 paper
Watercolour paints
Timber cutlery
Your drink of choice
White labels
A printer

Step 1: Much like our glass bottle centrepieces, first we need to leave our cans to soak overnight in hot soapy water in order to peel off the labels with ease.
Step 2: Next up it’s time to measure the height and circumference of our cans and cut out lengths of paper to match.
Step 3: Now comes the fun part. It’s time to go a little nuts with your watercolour paints. We went with a blue and green wash to match our blue glass bottle centrepieces.
Step 4: Once dry apply glue to the can and wrap your watercolour label around the tin can, pressing to ensure it’s firmly in place.
Step 5: Next print out white labels with all of our guests names on them and place one on each can.
Step 6: We filled each can with your basic picnic must haves… a refreshing beverage, cutlery and napkins.

TOP TIP: If you have the budget, and you want your tin can place cards to tie in nicely with the fonts and colours used on your wedding invitations, simply follow steps one and two before commissioning your stationery designer to design and print your backgrounds with a white space to write your guests names on the cans. Once you have the finished product in your hot little hands follow steps four and six to complete your tin can place cards.

CREDITS Photo The Loved Ones // Wooden cutlery Emerald and Ella // Napkins Kate Spade.