If the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on centrepieces that are only going to get thrown in the bin the next day doesn’t sit well with you then perhaps it’s time for a rummage in your recycling bin. You would be surprised just how much of it’s contents can be put to good use and this way you won’t feel so bad when they end up back in the bin 24 hours later.

Yep, we are talking about glass bottle centrepieces folks and all you really need is a taste for a good bottle of wine (or beer or cider!) and a can-do attitude. 

Wine, beer and cider bottles
Paint brush
Spray paint
Steel wool

Step 1: First you will need to collect enough bottles for your table settings. Depending on how many you’ll need, you could save your own bottles throughout the year or you could put the call out to family and friends to keep any glass bottles aside for you leading up to your wedding.
Step 2: Once you have all your bottles at the ready, fill up your laundry sink with hot water and add a generous helping of detergent. After about six hours and a nice long soak, the labels should easily peel off. If some are being a little stubborn, use the steel wool to gently scrub away any excess labels or glue residue as you want the bottles to be clean as a whistle. Leave them to dry overnight.
Step 3: These next two steps will need to be done outside or in a well ventilated area. Taking one bottle at a time, place it upright on a sheet of newspaper and cover the bottle in a single coat of primer. Repeat until all of your bottles are coated and leave to dry overnight before applying a second coat.
Step 4: Once your second coat of primer is dry it’s time to start spray painting your bottles. We used a matte blue, but metallic or gloss spray paint in any shade will also work a treat. Keeping the nozzle approx 20cm away from the surface area, spray evenly until the whole glass is covered, using the newspaper to easily rotate the bottle as you go. Once your first coat is applied to all of the bottles you can start with the second coat and leave to dry overnight.
Step 5: Divide your bottles into groups of three, ensuring there is a large, medium and small bottle  in each group and place them at the centre of each table, or evenly spaced down one long table, and fill with your blooms of choice. We kept things neutral with whites and greens to compliment, not compete with, our blue bottles.

TOP TIP: Your centrepieces can double as table numbers too, simply pick up a table number tag from your favourite stationery designer! We used ready made bamboo tags from Grain and Co, who also happen to make great cake toppers!

CREDITS: Photo The Loved Ones // Bamboo tags Grain & Co.