Oh Etsy how we love  your (probably hand crocheted) socks off! You have opened our eyes to many a wonderful trinket over the years but these cake toppers from Better Off Wed Rustics certainly take the…ahhh… cake.

Made in America by Texas local Tina Albin-Lax, Better Off Wed Rustics is actually a spin off creation from Better Off Wed who got their start in 2011 selling gold and silver cake toppers that shouted delightful words and phrases like ‘Hooray’ and ‘I Do, Me too’.  The Rustics line has expanded on this offering to include wooden cake toppers and signage for the laid back bride or cake maker looking for something a little more undone.

Founder Tina explains “ I work with two very special woods. My blond wood is a beautiful birch that features wood-burned edges for ultra shabby chic charm. My dark wood is a gorgeous mahogany that I finish with a rich lacquer for an elegant take on the rustic look.” One thing is for certain, using such fine materials, your cake topper will last for a lifetime of celebrations, not just your wedding day! 


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