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Today we bring you Candice and Ed, a rather smitten couple who spent the day exploring ‘old Sydney’ with David and Joe from Origami Creatives to celebrate their recent engagement. Joe tells us, “we started at the well-known Queen Victoria Building and not wanting to waste any time, we got stuck straight into it. Candice and Ed took no time at all to warm to the camera and pretty soon we were off to The Rocks for the second part of our shoot. We were quite an attraction, Candice, Ed and their HUGE red balloon. We may have even caused some disruption to the traffic while trying to get the perfect shot but it was all so worth it.”

Worth it indeed! We love these sweet intimate photos Origami Creatives have become known for. They are experts at getting their subjects to breathe easy and relax in front of the lens, which if you are a little nervous about getting your photo taken to begin with, is exactly what you want to look for in a photographer. You can view more of Origami Creatives work here.

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CREDITS Photos Origami Creatives