Last month, on the day of lovers, we gave you the heads up on an awesome competition – A Wedding Adventure, by cinematographer Alex Ball and photographer Sehr Gut Josh – in which you can enter to have the talented duo fly anywhere in Australia or New Zealand to photograph and film your wedding, a package worth $4500! They’re also covering their own travel and accommodation costs.

Well, a month later, entries have closed and the clever and generous fellas have announced the finalists! Your job now? To vote for the winners. Give their info a peruse below and then click here to vote! Not one of the finalists? Don’t sweat it – keep your eyes peeled on this very blog, and the Hello May facebook page as we have some more photography giveaways in the works!



What would your roller derby names be? Miguel Fava and Raquella Stella

Where and when? Marlowe House, NSW. September, 2013

Tell us your favourite lame joke. Two atoms are walking down the street together. The first atom turns and says ‘Hey. you just stole an electron for me!’ ‘Are you sure?’ asks the second atom. To which the first atom replies ‘Yeah i’m positive’

What do you love? We love family time! Being at home with our two year old daughter, reading books, listening to music and laughing! We love showing our baby the world around us, the earth, the animals and how to love and respect every being on this planet. Coffee on the weekend and Camp Cove in Summer. Cheese and wine and watching the sunset over Sydney Harbour every night! EACH OTHER!

Who are you both? Rach: By day, I work at an organic detox spa in Bondi called the Last Resort. Helping others live a healthy and active lifestyle with lots of love and a world full of abundance. Mitchy, the coffee guru of Sydney, works for a coffee roaster, making sure all their accounts are serving great tasting coffee all day. Cafe to cafe all day long. Then, home time and we are a happy and loving mama and papa bear. Story time, bath time and cuddles with our girl. Then wine and chats at the end of night.

Why do you love each other? Every day we fall in love again.

What should we know about your wedding day? Our dream wedding location, Marlowe House, is a magical private and secluded beach house set on 12 acres of land with spectacular views. It is situated on Hearns Lake. Just stroll down the property walk through a small enchanted forest up a dune and there you stand under a very old banksia tree, looking down on your own two mile beach. It is like a mini wildlife reserve with a family of about 30 kangaroos along with ducks, owls, turtles all kinds of beautiful birds from the black cockatoos to the kookaburras. One hundred and twenty of our closest family and friends, a gourmet style cocktail garden wedding. Lots of bonsais, succulents and flowers to fill the property. Amazing, fun good vibes and a sensational jazz band, Uncle Jed (the singer has a voice of an angel!) This will be the one of the most amazing nights of our lives and also the people close to our hearts! Let us share our day with you!

What will it mean to you, to have the guys from A Wedding Adventure (Josh and Alex) at your wedding? It would mean more than you know! We appreciate and respect your work and would feel so blessed to have you at our wedding. Creative, clever, artistic and strikingly good looking! you tick all the boxes! We want our day to be captured with love, joy and passion and we know you both will do a sensational job!



What would your roller derby names be? Mack the Knife & Eve of Extinction!

Where and when? Orleigh Park and Gunshop Cafe, West End. August, 2013

Tell us your favourite lame joke. What did the goldfish say when it swam into a wall? … Dam!

What do you love? First and foremost, we love our families (especially our ever-expanding brood of insanely-cute nieces and nephews). Late Sunday-morning brunches followed closely by the ensuing early-afternoon carb coma. Daggy dancing. Cheese. Wine. Cheese and wine! Our friends; our amazing friends. Our cramped, inner-city, two bedroom abode – even it if isn’t ours! The country, and country folk. Our docile, drooling, oversized black Rottweiler – who as yet exists only in pictures (until we migrate to our own home with a yard, preferably in the country). And, of course, each other… warts and all.

Who are you both? We are a hard-working couple, but know how to put our work-worries aside and milk the most out of life’s REAL moments. We’re family people; nothing means more to us in life. We’ve both overcome hardship and experienced grief – life’s bittersweet way of arming you for the future. We’re adventurous and curious, and will most definitely try anything once (or twice, if the memory is a little hazy!). And we are truly, truly blessed; to have our health, our amazing friends and families, and each other.

Why do you love each other? Jonathan: “I love Eve because she grounds me. By nature, I’m meticulous and precise, and almost always have a plan; Eve has showed me that life will still unfold without a run-sheet! She is loving and generous, empathetic and sincere. She makes me laugh, both on purpose and through her sheer clumsiness. And most importantly, she is genuine, in every way possible”. Eve: “I love Jono because he centres me. If I venture off on a tangent, get distracted by something shiny, or just get caught up talking to a passer-by on the street, he, quietly and in his signature way, guides me back on course. I actually love his borderline OCD – it’s given me stability, order and, funnily enough, peace in my otherwise chaotic life (and it means he does more housework than me!). He’s strong, and not just in a ‘big guns’ kind of way; the kind of strong that makes ME stronger. He is deeply loyal and diligently protective, and I can count on him like no one else. But most importantly, he truly makes me feel like I’m the centre of his universe, even though it’s really he who is the centre of mine”.

What should we know about your wedding day? It’s going to be fun and stress free! Thirty or so of our nearest and dearest celebrating (not just witnessing) the most special day of our lives. We’ve a quaint ceremony planned in our favourite spot in West End – Orleigh Park – under our ‘hitching tree’; a beautiful old oak that we’re certain was planted decades ago purely for our wedding day. A few champagnes in the park (and some photos with one very lucky photographer!) before we venture back to our second home – the Gunshop Café in West End. Here, where we’ve drunk away many boisterous nights and struggled through as many dusty mornings, we’ll have the rear courtyard (think trendy antiques and rustic timber furniture beneath a sea of hanging candles) all to ourselves… save for a freakishly-talented young lady and an acoustic guitar. In addition to this being our favourite café/restaurant, it’s also tucked away in a side street where we can make far too much noise until the early hours of the morning.

What will it mean to you, to have the guys from A Wedding Adventure (Josh and Alex) at your wedding? With each of us coming from (very) large extended families – and each of us lucky enough to have even more wonderful friends – there is no way we can (afford to!) have them all present on the day. Thus, we desperately need a couple of talented individuals to capture each and every special moment so we can still share them with these people in the months and years that follow (and one day, our three children!). Our entry into your generous competition is sincerely not simply to gain the free service of a photographer and videographer – we genuinely love the look of your work and feel your style is absolutely perfect for the day we have planned.



What would your roller derby names be? Elinor Kisses & Randy Klaus

Where and when? Loxley on BellBird Hill, Kurrajong, NSW. July, 2013.

Tell us your favourite lame joke. Erm why was the baby banned from basketball? Because he kept dribbling.

What do you love? I (Carisse) love music and books that take me to Neverland, artworks that inspire me to be colourful and loud! Cute animals that make me mushy and adventurous, open spaces like oceans that make me wonder and dream!

Who are you both? I am a photographer, writer, blogger, interior design and Peter Pan as a girl. Benjamin is a structural drafter, obsessive blogger, music loving, Tamworth lost boy.

Why do you love each other? We are soulmates, its that simple, he is my best friend and I am his, we compliment and complete each other.

What should we know about your wedding day? Our wedding day will be whimsical, woodland – think Neverland but whimsical instead of crawling with Pirates and Native Indians. We want our day to reflect who we are and what we adore, being woodland critters, jazz music, love of pies and french cakes, chic, indie outfits, eclectic and antique pieces. That would be our wedding day in a nutshell.

What will it mean to you, to have the guys from A Wedding Adventure (Josh and Alex) at your wedding? It would be a ultimate life saver, we are over budget and out of budget at the moment, struggling as it is and already have put off the wedding once, we just want to have THE perfect day and to have it captured by some talented people.



What would your roller derby names be? Pash & Benny Boo

Where and when? Private property. Terara NSW. October, 2013.

Tell us your favourite lame joke. How do you attract a squirrel? Climb up a tree and act like a nut!

What do you love? We love each other. We love walking through the bush reminiscing about our childhood cubby houses. Watermelon. Lots of cuddling on a rainy day. Better yet, the rain dripping on the tin roof of Ben’s garage (yes, he lives in a garage). Hot chips with chicken salt. Family. Telling someone you love them. Chinese whispers. Nature. Rolling waves. The sound of birds chirping first thing in the morning. Sunrises. Picnics. Crafting (we have a ‘crafting sunday’s tradition almost every Sunday). Decorating the house we don’t yet own. Landscaping. Bamboo. Peonies but mainly hydrangea. Taking photos of food. Food, full stop. Turning old vintage doors into trestle tables. We’re obsessed with fence palings. Dogs…shall I go on?

Who are you both? I’m Ashleigh and he is Ben. I’m 27 and he is pushing 30. Together we’re BASH! We met 11 months ago. Fell in love instantly, and spoke of marriage within 2 weeks of knowing one another. I didn’t think ‘love’ existed until I saw him. His tall physique, passion for his work and drive for happiness excites me. Ben is a landscape designer, I’m obsessed with paper. I print on brown paper bags and light up people’s lives. We’re about to launch a business together selling quirky outdoor decor and mismatched chairs. I come from a family of five, Ben from three (add a couple more to include his step brothers and sisters). We’re both warm-hearted, giving and caring. We’re both stress heads and anxiety-obsessed. We complete one another!

Why do you love each other? Because ‘our’ first kiss told us so! Just saying.

What should we know about your wedding day? It’s not going to be traditional or formal. Its going to be rustic and chaotic. It’s not going to have pearls and lace. It’s going to have bow ties and train hats. Forget the sit down formal-theme, ours is more pig-on-a-spit.  We found a private property on the south coast of NSW, in a quaint country town called Terara. The property boasts a large rusty (and when I say rusty, I mean rusty) tin shed, on the banks of the Shoalhaven river. A large grassy field and a cabin with eight beds. We imagine the day to be filled with vintage frames, bonfires, ring toss, twister, acoustic music, barn doors, mismatched white chairs, picnic blankets, wild flowers and lots of close family and friends. We will dance under the stars to a live band, tell each other how much we love one another, eat homemade food and devour nan’s famous desserts. My bridesmaids will wear white (and so will I), and every guest will walk home with a warm fuzzy feeling in their stomachs. The following day, we will play family versus family cricket and debrief about the day before, when we would have become ‘ABC’ – Ashleigh & Ben Carmody.

What will it mean to you, to have the guys from A Wedding Adventure (Josh and Alex) at your wedding? You seem so relaxed, in-sync with our style and so generous. Which is what we encompass. You seem like the type of guys who say it as it is, but without a bad gesture to spare. Your generous hearts and kind souls are the one special thing we hope our guests will walk away with after our wedding. Life is an adventure, and we would like you two to ride it with us!



What would your roller derby names be? Shatsi Smash and Roller Wrecker

Where and when? National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. October, 2013.

Tell us your favourite lame joke. Knock Knock…. Who’s there? Dwayne… Dwayne Who? Dwayne the bathtub i’m Dwowning

What do you love? We love everything about our life, the people in it, family, friends, colleagues, We both seem to enjoy the work we do, and the fact we get to share it with each other, Our biggest love right now is our new fur baby, our adorable Doberman Deus (the man eating machine). We love food, and lots of it, we make homemade salami, and we eat it (a lot). We love vegetables, favourites would have to be peas, pumpkin and sweet potato and roasted eggplant. We also love summer, spring, autumn and winter, as you get to wear a different wardrobe for each.

Who are you both? Ellen: Country girl born and bred, moved to Canberra in 1998… transformed my tomboy ways into what you could call a laaaady. Work in HR, love spending time in the sun, drinking cider with friends and eating copious amounts of yummy food, of which I exercise off at the gym or running outside with our dobie! Adam: Country boy born and bred, Italian country boy, which means family with a farm, a vineyard and orchard, oranges and grapes, vino and homemade tomato sauce and SALAMI! A cultured individual who also moved to Canberra around the same time, the year 2000. Works in IT, and has a major love for the gym, good food, hanging out with the lads and talking sh*t all night long whist listening to good tunes. Plays guitar, drums and the ukelele.

Why do you love each other? Because we take each other as we are. We are not judgmental, we love unconditionally, and we make each other laugh, daily – repeatedly. We have a bond that kept us together at the start of our relationship when one lived overseas for six months and the other remained home. Skype is now the enemy as it reminds us of how hard life is without each other by our sides. We love that we share so many common interests, and we love how much we support each other no matter what. We love each other because of not only who we were when we met, but the people we have become since being together and learning off one another how to be a better person.

What should we know about your wedding day? Our wedding day will be FUN, BIG, and 65% of our guests will be fun loving Italians! We have approximately 300 guests, theme will be classic; black, white and grey, with a splash of red. We have a beautiful big cathedral for the ceremony, and the National Gallery of Australia as our reception, with a floor to ceiling glass wall, the Australian Garden lit up at night, and amazing sculptures and landscapes to shoot in. We also want our Doberman Deus to feature at some point in our pictures!

What will it mean to you, to have the guys from A Wedding Adventure (Josh and Alex) at your wedding? It means we have some professional photography and videography to capture every minute of the most important day of our lives, the day we become husband and wife, the first day of the rest of our lives together, the memories we will share with our children and grandchildren to show how much we were in love when we got married and how it is no different to how much we will love each other then.


Voting closes midnight Tuesday 26 March. Winners will be announced on the Hello May facebook page on 27 March.

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